Will my vehicle fit in the car wash tunnel?
Mint Smartwash can accommodate most stock makes and models and Lifted or modified vehicles with tires up to 13” wide and 7’ 2” tall. We cannot accommodate: Dually vehicles Vehicles lower than 4.25” Vehicles equipped with Ladder Racks, rocket or cargo boxes, or fuel tanks with hose/nozzle not secured
Can you wash soft top convertibles?
YES! Mint Smartwash is perfectly safe for soft top convertibles so long as they are in good condition.
Can you wash pickup trucks?
YES! We simply ask that pickup truck beds be empty prior to entering the car wash. This is for the safety of your vehicle, and other customers. This includes ropes, tie straps, hoses and tools.
Will a cracked windshield be safe in the wash?
Due to the varieties of temperatures in the wash process, chips or cracks in windshields may expand. It is always best to repair or replace a damaged windshield. Mint Smartwash will not be responsible for windshield cracks resulting from previous cracks or chips.


How does the wash process work?
Mint Smartwash is an Exterior Express Car Wash the idea is that we get you and your vehicle into and out of the car wash tunnel as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please watch our video below to learn about the wash process and what to expect when you visit a Mint Smartwash or ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable wash associates when you visit a Mint Smartwash location.
Do I remain in the car?
YES! The wash process requires you to remain in the driver’s seat of the vehicle during the wash process. Upon being loaded onto the wash conveyor you will be directed to put your vehicle in Neutral and to keep your hands off the steering wheel and feet off the break. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!
Do you clean the inside of the vehicle?
Mint Smartwash is an Exterior Express Car Wash. We wash, wax, polish, rinse and dry the exterior of the vehicle. As a part of your wash purchase, we provide self-serve use of our state-of-the-art vacuums and automatic floor mat washing machines to clean the interior of your vehicle.
Is the car wash safe for my vehicle?
YES! Mint Smartwash uses state of the art car washing equipment, soaps, waxes, and sophisticated technological wash systems to ensure your vehicle receives the perfect wash. This includes the precise amount of chemistry, water, soft touch foam friction, dwell time and air to ensure the perfect shine in a fraction of the time!
What kind of Cleaning Products do you use?
Mint Smartwash uses the most advanced, highest quality, environmentally friendly soaps and waxes available in the industry including the latest in Ceramic coatings to ensure a long-lasting shine while ensuring the safety of the environment.
Do you recycle water?
Mint Smartwash takes the safety and protection of our environment seriously, this includes the conservation of our most valuable resource, Water! That’s why Mint Smartwash implements a state-of-the-art water reclaim system at each location. We collect, filter, treat and reuse up to 90% of water used in the wash process, with the remaindering being sent safely to the city water treatment facility for processing. This ensures none of the car wash water ends up in city storm drains or local water ways like it does when vehicles are washed in driveways.
How much water do you use?
Mint Smartwash’s advanced wash process implements a computer-controlled system that uses very precise and controlled amounts of water. The wash process uses less than 45 gallons of fresh water per wash cycle compared to the average driveway wash that uses over 100 gallons of fresh water.
Is Mint Smartwash a touchless car wash?
NO! Mint Smartwash employs a series of soft foam fingers that in conjunction with precisely applied soaps and waxes and fresh water, gently messages the vehicle surface to remove the contaminates adhered to your vehicles clear coat. Touchless Car Washes do not apply friction but instead rely on harsh chemistry including strong acids and bases to cut through and release contaminates on your vehicles finish. These harsh chemicals are both harmful to the vehicles finish and to the environment.


How often can I wash?
With a Mint Smartwash Club Mint Unlimited Membership you can wash as much as you want whenever you want! It truly is unlimited.
Do I need to put a credit card on file?
YES! Our system requires that a credit card be attached to a membership account. For those who do not have a credit card we are able to provide multi month pre-pay options in 3-month increments.
Is my membership valid for multiple vehicles?
NO, memberships are valid for one vehicle only. Multivehicle family plans are available for vehicles registered to the same home address. Please bring registration identifying the same address when applying for a multivehicle family plan.
Do I have to sign a contract?
NO, there is no contract. Memberships can be suspended or cancelled at any time.
Can I change to a different membership level?
Absolutely! Either visit our Membership Management page on our website or visit your local Mint Smartwash location wash office and a friendly, knowledgeable Wash Associate would be happy to assist you.
What happens if I get a new credit card?
Either visit our Membership Management page on our website or visit your local Mint Smartwash location wash office and a friendly, knowledgeable Wash Associate would be happy to assist you.
What happens if I get a new vehicle?
Visit your local Mint Smartwash location wash office and a friendly, knowledgeable Wash Associate would be happy to assist you.